Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Socks, Food, and Inner Demons


Alright then!

First, let me say this: socks rock.  hence my last blog being called StripeySocksSansSandwiches
But for some reason, alliteration is REALLY hard to get across, and it wasnt slipping off my tongue nearly so smoothly as the way my inner demons present themselves.  Thus, a far more interesting (and a bit more gremlin-y) blog.

My demons live openly in my life, prancing around me, taunting me with their pointy little ears, reminding me:
"Ice cream!"
"Mexican food!"

.. that last one is rather persistant.
Food allergies are like that.  The MORE allergic you are... the more they can taunt.  Some days it's all I can do to keep from sinking into a puddle of crying misery, wallowing in the pain and unfairness of it all, demons clambering over me like children on a new swingset.  These guys are tough, too. Once they get you down, or you get dosed, and spend a few days in bed, they all crawl to sit on your head.  Like a giant HAT.. gremlin upon gremlin upon gremlin, until it's quite absurd looking- a totem-pole of inner demons, squatted down upon my head providing pressure, sitting on my chest and making my breathing more shallow, and lined up one by one down my legs, which go nowhere.

And some days they line up, ready to tackle me... but instead of Lucy, Linus is holding my football.  And I run and my little gremlin football connects....out of the field.

So this is my life, my diary, my pep-talks and kick-butt moments!
But... its also me, with my closet full-o'-monsters (dont even think about it.. ive already patented it ;) )

and our adventures.  So grab a hat, bright blue heels, and of course, a pair of crazy socks.
Because my life may just always be as one of the nutshell gang
(maurice sendak Should be an illustrator for my life.  Get back to me on that if you're reading, maurice ;) )

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  1. Thanks so much for your comments over on "The Weed." I wouldn't mind at all if you linked to my blog! I would be honored ;-) Good luck fighting those "gremlins/demons." I'm sure great things will come of the journey!